Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'

by Amy Elizabeth Hester and Margaret Popper
Feb. 3 (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon said it’s “unfair” for politicians to criticize Wall Street pay without differentiating compensation based on performance.

“It’s unfair to talk about us as one,” Dimon, who was paid $1 million last year and didn’t accept a bonus, said today at a conference sponsored by Crain’s New York Business. “Not every company was responsible.”

(We ask not for whom the Fed trolls Jamie for we know it trolls for thee. However it isn't a long trip from golden child to false idol. Methinks not even you will be able to handle the truth if the serum is applied, for, as per (thrice-quoted on this blog) Mr. Henny Sender:'JP Morgan (with a credit derivatives book of 9.2 trillion) is on one side or another of one out of every six contracts ...It has counterparty risk on the contracts it has bought, even with collateral and faces losses on the contracts it has sold.' )

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