Sunday, February 8, 2009

Serfing the Capitalist Wave

(I see a national franchise a'comin. William Shatner for Serfline? Employers: we buy desperation in bulk so you can pay three star prices for five star talent. A reverse auction of surplus value ... time to dig up Marx.- AM)

UPDATED: 8:46 am EST February 6, 2009
By Matt Quan

BOSTON -- In a sign of just how tough it is to find work in the struggling economy, a group of recent college grads in Massachusetts have created a Web site that allows job seekers to try for positions based on who will work for the lowest salary.

The three men, two of them Williams College graduates and a third who is currently a sophomore at Brown University, have launched a site called where people can bid on jobs posted by employers.

The site was created in 2008 with the vision of creating a "student labor yellow pages,” said Thai Nguyen, CEO of

Similar to eBay’s bidding system, visitors can bid on job positions by stating how much they are willing to be paid. They can also post why they are qualified and create a profile that includes a photo.

Employers can then select the most qualified and affordable bidder to hire for the job.

Nguyen is banking on representing the future of job competition.

Signing up for is free for both employers and students looking for jobs. Nguyen said the site has more than 1,300 job postings that range from HTML programming to baby-sitting.

Currently, the majority of job postings are for part-time positions in the Boston area. (Just you wait. Capitalists of the world... unite! -AM)

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