Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soapbox : Those that fail to stand for something will fall for anything

Is this soapbox steady?.... harumph....

Ideology is the devil and ego is the enabler.

When folks don't let facts get in the way of a good argument, they are not making an argument they are proselytizing.

If the right can rally around a flip-flopper from Massachusetts (Romney) given that they questioned the patriotism of a war hero (Kerry) and applied the same appellation, then they can also fall for the next American demagogue, the Manchurian Mountain Mama.

If the elected left (Barry Dunham) can effectuate an insurance friendly health 'reform' and support an ubiquitous bankster friendly bailout than they deserve to be painted with the same corporatocracy brush that they purportedly have spent their careers 'fighting'.

If folks that trumpeted the merits of a free market can just as thunderously trumpet the merits of its' demise (Nancy Capitalists) than they most certainly will insure that the blessings of liberty and her entrepreneurial spoils will neither be afforded to them nor their forebears.

The strength of our democracy is the rule of law and the equality of all men and women under it. The strength of our financial system is prudent regulation and a free market that rewards winners and pins losers. The strength of our state is to promote domestic tranquility and the general welfare by assisting the disadvantaged so that they may have the opportunity to secure blessings for themselves and their posterity.

Greedy before guilty does not protect the innocent and it does not promote the chaste.

Those that fail to stand for something will fall for anything.


joe said...

Anon M,

Some analysis arguing Canada is in a housing bubble.'s-housing-bubble:-it's-not-different-this-time.html

I agree with all the facts you assert about the SEC's case against Goldie. I just believe those facts are not relevant to the SEC's legal claims for the reasons I set forth. But it was fun arguing.

Anonymous Monetarist said...


Bubbles are always identified with hindsight. One might even argue that most of the world still suffers from a housing bubble.

Economist April 17, 2010

Home prices against long-run average of price-to-rents ration (% overvalued):

Australia ...56.1%
Hong Kong...49.1%