Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patriot.Optimist.Outraged. Father.Skeptic.Survivor. Raconteur.

As your humble blogger hunkers down to give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, thought I would take a brief moment to share with y'all some thoughts about this blog and its' author's motivations.

The purpose is to create a scrapbook to organize both thoughts and to develop personal knowledge. Motivated by Faber when he wrote about how it was critical to create some type of organizational system since without it you would forget most of what you've read.

The term anonymous monetarist comes from pursuing money despite college-inculcated progressive leanings and well, it also rhymes!

There will never be advertising on this site, it will not be committed to any commercial purpose although some type of future philanthropy is quite possible, there will never be a 'book', and it will always be divorced from ego through anonymity although admittedly comments made usually provide some measure of serotonin boost.

For my entire life have always rallied against the tyranny of petty knowledge. Folks that wield their 'secrets' like a club have always generated intense vitriol from this fella. Knowledge is nothing more than an acquired thing. You can learn anything if you put your mind to it. How? Just do it. Why? Because you can.

Now, more than ever in my generation's lifetime, financial intelligence is critical. We have stuffed the pig on the scales of fate. Through our desire to be prophets we have ceased to be makers of our own fate.

Despite all the digital ink spent on the failings of America, especially in light of the ‘I Can’t Believe it’s not Capitalism’ Plan generated in response to the ‘What Just Happened Crisis’… hope is not dead, progress has not been outlawed, justice is not forbidden, and evolution is not off the table.

The fire of liberty exists, the embers of truth still glow. As long as one voice stands to speak truth to power, to speak in a fashion that even Mom can understand, the dream of this country lives and can be expressed by each and every one of us.

We are Americans damnit, and that word, yes, still has noble meaning.

We all share the ability to make from clay what our hearts and our minds desire. They can only take from us what we abrogate; they can only lie to us if we refuse to put in the work to know the truth.

Will fight to my last breath to defend this country I love, and the ideal it embodies, and will always support the patriots that get it, and say it, and repeat it.

It is not a question of being part of the solution or part of the problem. Change does not have to be consistent with someone else’s plan. Change comes from within. To make a difference outwardly one must first find that difference within.

Those that fail to stand for something will fall for anything.

Take a stand.

Free your mind.

Make proud those that gave their lives, defending the ideal that allows you to possess the opportunity to be free…


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Monetarist said...


I am going to include a link from Todd Harrison in this reply.

Todd is a straight-up fella, have had the pleasure of meeting him in person and communicating a couple times per e-mail.

Per Toddo, 'It is widely accepted that grieving arrives in five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance.'

Here is a link that will provide a lot of context for our present situation... The Upside of Anger.

As previously mentioned the key is financial intelligence.

Todd's website,, is a wonderful place to start in that regard.

Thanks for sharing.


William said...

AM (and velobabe),

I find it supremely ironic that, for me, this brotherhood (and sisterhood) of shared experiences, anger, angst, sorrow, and determination has sprouted forth from a garden of anonymity.

As AM, and others, have already posted, education becomes more critical with each passing day. The great news is that it also becomes more accessible, so I do still hold out some vestige of hope that Americans can regain their "American-hood."

For me, the country was never defined by borders, oceans, or lines of demarcation. Instead, it has always been about the possibilities, both individual and collective, that lie within us.

We have laid dormant for far too long, lulled into a false peace under false pretenses. As a former career military member, I awoke in time to save myself from the horrors of Iraq, and didn't hesitate to abandon the retirement / entitlement I had earned even though I was within two years of achieving it.

Since then, I have left the contiguous boundaries of the US for more fertile financial pastures, but my efforts to affect change in the US have not ceased. The work you do here, AM, is critical to that, and the soulful, soul-searching, honest comments you make, Velobabe, are just as important.

Perhaps it is here, safely ensconced in the "warm blanket" of anonymity that you can further your own personal journey of learning and healing. I, for one, am inspired by both of you, and I'm certain I'm not alone.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I'm new to posting here, and at ZH, so I've got a lot to get off my chest. I'm doing my best to pace myself...


Anonymous Monetarist said...


'For me, the country was never defined by borders, oceans, or lines of demarcation. Instead, it has always been about the possibilities, both individual and collective, that lie within us.'

Second that brother...

And yes anonymity is a warm blanket :)