Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stay safe my friends ...

Administrative note: Returning from holiday on November 12th, posting will continue to be limited until then.

From a micro-view, personally and professionally, and from a macro-view, politically and economically, it feels like the Buddha is in the middle of the road with a flak jacket on and fork extended.

To be mindful is a discontinuous process, our senses allow us a glimpse at the perfect form (truth) but that view can often be distorted by the flickering fire of perception that illuminates the shapes we perceive to believe.

In my life have always rallied against the tyranny of petty knowledge and authority, holding hard to the belief that knowledge is just an acquired thing, requiring no special skills outside of heart and guts and desire.

If you can dream it you can be it. Why? Because you can.

Lately, though dreams have offered little solace, as this bloggers' respite has increasingly been interrupted by coincidences that suggest there are dots and there are lines, and folks in the know have their pencils out.

Did you know that Germany most probably foiled a terrorist strike planned for October 11th? The warnings from the terrorist B-team, that within two weeks of the German election on a Sunday there would be a strike bigger than 9/11 ... had Germany security knocking down doors throughout the country, rounding up the usual suspects and busting up a 10 person cell in the bosom of where the 9/11 attacks were planned.

Sunday October 11th had symbolic significance because 70 years ago on that date a German physicist alerted the Americans as to the possibility of atomic weaponry.

Our October 11th is fast approaching. November 1, 2009 or 11/01/09, is a hyper-symbolic date for our adversaries.

Did you know that of the recent 'terrorist' plots uncovered in the US, and publicized, NPR reports that officials are saying the suspects have dozens of contacts stateside that may be complicit? The Federales, are purportedly,'watching' them.

With that premise in mind, the shapes illuminated on my cave wall are not for family viewing.

My trade? Sell Armageddon and buy an extended Disney vacation with the kids.

Looking forward to returning to the Great City on the Lake. Fervently hope it will be exactly in the same condition as left.

MABUS is USAM B? As in Usama Bin Laden? Has Abu Valentine marked the time?

Let's get through this weekend.

The next terror date is 9/01/11, two days after Ramadan, roughly 70 years after a fellow named Mark Oliphant made an urgent journey in an unheated plane to the States and successfully convinced the Americans to move forward with their atomic project.

Oh and the panic low of 667 on the S&P? ... coincidentally that is exactly the number of days between 11/01/09 and 09/01/11? What the $%@#$?

Time and space/price and form ...oh my!

Stay safe my friends.

(Add-on : the last date of concern, at least for awhile, is 11/09. -AM)

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