Monday, August 10, 2009

Look into the eyes of the Dragon, and despair...

(Will Chinese contraction be the point of recognition? -AM)

By Garry White
Published: 4:38PM BST 07 Aug 2009

Earlier this week Ian Ashby, head of iron ore at miner BHP Billiton, said at the Diggers & Dealers conference in Australia that Chinese restocking of iron ore was at an end.

Mr Ashby said that supplies at the country's ports were enough to sustain a month of consumption.

(Baltic Dry Index is droppin' like its' October '08, Grant reports that the BIC{Russia is too insolvent to spend}countries have private sector contraction band-aided by profligate public spending which can only work for a limited time, and China? ... How many pumps does the dragon have left before investors are dumped by yet another bubble? -AM)

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