Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quotes from the Wise : Week ending January 11th

'The laws of finance are not the same as the laws of nature. Nature does not generally react to the engineer.' - Jon Danielsson

'We don't have taxation without representation. We have taxation without representation we think is less competent than an trained ape.' - LOLFED

'If people can't accept the downside of capitalism they should become socialists.' - Marc Faber

And from the less than wise:

'I bet there's not a single year where I couldn't have gone somewhere else and made more (this bankster made about 115 million over the last several years.) ...I and so many of us who have been involved in this industry for so long did not recognize the serious possibility of the extreme circumstances that the financial system faces today.'- Robert Rubin (Hey Rube, don't let the taxpayer-financed door hit your arse on the way out.)

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