Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mannagge with the tizzun

FT: The S&P opened lower and sold off sharply throughout the session to close 5.3 per cent down at 805.22. The benchmark index lost 2.7 per cent after President Obama was sworn in at midday.

The heaviest previous inauguration day sell-off was that of Lyndon B Johnson in 1963, when the S&P shed 2.8 per cent following the assassination of John F Kennedy.

That seems apropos for the banksters were assasinated yesterday.

Can't help but think of the parallels between the scene in the Godfather when Michael is at his nephew's baptism whilst his lackeys take revenge against his enemies.

Compare that to Obama sitting at the luncheon as the Kashkari letters were reviewed by various banksters.

In a fortnight we went from Mo' Green to Moe Greene ... truly the golden age has come to an end.

And that's change I can believe in.

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