Thursday, January 8, 2009

Math versus the Mob

Took the call from an 'investment consultant' from one of my brokerage accounts.

Kid probably called me 10 times ... early morning and late in the day since New Years.

Had the technique down ... open ended questions concerning myself and my interests - the logic being ... if you talk about something you like then you'll like the person you're talking to.

Boilerplate objection handling ... understand how you feel many of my clients feel/initially felt the same way however...

Good alternate of choice close...

Finally he gave up and went close-ended, and I gave him my investment strategy.

It's pretty complicated son, I call it 'Opposable thumbs'.

Take one thumb and go to whatever new-fangled gadget does your multiplication and enter $42 (that would be what S&P is forecasting in earnings), take the other thumb and enter say 10 ... what do you get?

Any questions? ..... klik.

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