Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cubs are going all the way... Woo - Woo!

The fundamental problem here is that we have a fundamental problem.

The banksters are too broke to go bankrupt.

To remedy, the confidence gamemasters -apologizing for abandoning the free market- are trying to fix the leaky dam with water.

Our taxpayer dollars streaming down the blackholios to bail out rich folks for bad speculative bets.

Where is the outrage? Muted. Numbed by the cumulative effects of a decades long 'manufacture of consent' assembly line that succeeded for the most part in drafting folks' inner monologues so that they would vote for those that did not have their best interests at heart.

Most people are not liars. As such they cannot process that the pablum presented to them over and over again is blatantly false. It just seems to be a ridiculous and outlandish assertion and any presenter of such claim is held to a standard that can not be easily proved in a timely soundbite fashion.

The strong dollar policy that resulted in a weak currency has been replaced by a wrong dollar policy - debasanistas revealing themselves as such.

This is good we are told. Inflation is necessary. Wealth confiscation is in your interest. Why if the business cycle is allowed to follow its' natural cycle folks might (shudder) begin behaving prudently.

Bubblevision and Hee Haw blather on ... interrogating the usual suspects beseeching them for actionable intelligence (an oxymoron) without reporting how intelligent the previous 'recommended actions' were.

Is that the bottom? Nope just another #@$hole.

The recovery is right around the corner, well perhaps the second corner, pay no attention to the distance separating patience from a patient.

What stocks should we buy? Well, good stocks. Can you be more specific?. Stocks that have good cash flow and strong balance sheets. Can you name names? Oh gosh no, I'm < koff, koff> not allowed, but I look forward to our next interview.

And on a personal note, this blogger may have foiled an armed robbery the other day just by my natural Irish surliness, folks on McMansion row are getting mugged, everyone seems to have a 'know someone who got robbed or shot' story and the local papers report that before our governor Rod Blagojevich got into politics he was a bookmaker on the North Side who regularly paid the Chicago mob to operate.


How long until opening day at Wrigley?

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