Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The lunatics need to be persuasive

B.S. Bernakke has to convince the world he is insane.

He has to be willing to convice the world that he will bankrupt Amerika and monetize a cow if need be.

Mr. Market needs to believe that a 'printing money' policy will not bring out a future mop.

(All of a sudden my antennae are goin' up about CDS on Amerikan sovereign debt... you know what I'm talking about..Goldie?)

If Mr. Market thought ZIRPmeister Ben would get all teary-eyed about future generations then Mr. Market would start to price in much higher future interest rates.

In this current liquidity trap folks need to appear to drive the buggy off the cliff .

Look at a chart as to how low the yields went on the long bond and stayed in the 30s before it popped.

The asylum needs to believe that the lunatics are in charge.

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