Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Indeflation? Call Dr. Bernakke.

Remember the movie, 'It's a mad,mad,mad, mad, mad world'?
At the end of the movie that generation's inglorious bastards were all gripping a fire ladder as the motor blew up and the ladder lurched viciously throwing them 'akimbo'.
The vicious movements from left (inflation) to right (deflation) best mirror our market action.
We are at the cusp of being at the most volatile period (per volatility indexes) ever. As in ever since we've had a stock market.
This volatility is mostly driven by shifting perceptions of inflation and deflation.
The compression of time frames within which this inflation/deflation switch gets flipped on and off can only result in one name for our current economic malaise : Indeflation.

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